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Frequently asked questions

What levels of academic papers can you write?

We hired experienced and well trained staff to write papers on high level for your academic needs. Our staff is well versed in a multitude of topics, and in addition is experienced enough to get you the kind of paper that perfectly meets your quality needs and is written in accordance with your academic level. can write papers from high school level to the doctorate level—and our customers have consistently come away satisfied with the work received, so much in fact that many of our customers are returning clients. We couldn’t reach this level of success without offering a diverse and strong academic writing team with the kind of background that made them successful in their own collegiate endeavors. No matter what level of academic paper you need, you can feel comfortable with our team writing for you and helping you to get exactly the style of work that you desire. We’re here to help you every step of the way, so just give us the details and let us go to work! It’s what we do on regular basis.

What’s the usual turnaround time for my order?

Our turnaround time is as fast as you need it to be! We generally don’t do anything sooner than 6 hours, but everything after that is game. We have writers who are comfortable writing according to the strictest deadlines and know exactly what you want to get out of your academic performance. For that reason, we have turnaround time frame that are so quick and accommodating. We don’t make you jump through any hoops to get the kind of turnaround time that you deserve either. If you want something that is a bit more specific than the time offers that we have, than please contact us and let us know. We’re all about making sure that your experience flawless. Give us a call or shoot an email so that we can make sure that our turnaround time suits your needs. Let us know, and we’ll be glad to help you through the process!

Gimme that paper! How should I place my order?

That’s never been easier! Just click “Order now button” available on each page of the site or proceed to Order Now Page and input all the requested information. Please, include as many details and specifications. Even tiniest details will help us make the best paper for you! After that you’ll receive the final price formed in accordance with your academic level and the urgency level you’ve chosen for your assignment. Choose your preferred payment method and get redirected to the respected page for finishing your payment. Afterwards, you can access your order in your personal account anytime you need to drop a message to the writer or talk to support rep.

How can I stay sure that my paper will be done?

The progress of your order is displayed at your personal account. You’ll constantly receive updates on different stages of it completion. Just keep an eye on your email. Don’t forget to send extra materials per request. Besides, you can always drop a message to our Support Team via Live Chat or email. 

How many revisions can I get?

You can get as many revisions as you need, as long as they meet the standards of our revisions policy.  Many essay writing services don’t provide free revisions, but we decided early on that we wanted to be different, and it wasn’t about just another writing service. We wanted to stand out and go above and beyond the service that our clients could get anywhere else. That’s why you can get as many revisions as you need with us. The overwhelming majority of our paper revision requests fit inside these requirements, so you can rest assured that you’ll get the kind of paper you want. The first requirement is that your revision request can’t contradict an initial request of the essay you wanted written. You also need to submit your revision request in a set period of time after approving your essay—usually that set period of time is one week, but for cases of essays longer than 20 pages, that request time turns to two weeks. If you have any questions about our revisions policy, feel free to contact us so we can clear up any issues.

Are these papers intended for academic use?

All the products we deliver are not intended for direct academic use. They are, by our private policy and terms of conditions, research tools that are only intended to be used as such. We strongly oppose any direct use of essays and other written products produced by us being submitted as your own work, and we believe that constitutes plagiarism. Any suspected attempt of plagiarism or any found case of plagiarism will be reported by our team and condemned. We do not support plagiarism by our writers or our customers, and we will end any contract where we believe plagiarism has taken place or one where we believe that plagiarism will imminently take place. These papers are intended to service students by acting as supplementary materials from which they can generate their own unique, independent, and separate academic research. We are not liable for any legal issues, college dismissals, or damages that arise from the illicit or illegal use of our products or services. If you have any questions about our plagiarism policy, please feel free to contact us and we’ll do our best to help you through any issues.

Do you store any personal information?

We do store limited amounts of users’ information, but this information is not identifiable. The service gathers and stores the same information like most websites today. This includes your IP address, mobile indicators, cookies, web browser you used to access the site, and more specific information that users who purchase services from us input in for financial transactions. All of our users’ information is stored securely on our remote server, and it is encrypted to protect from any attempts at theft or hacking. Here, we don’t sell any sort of personal information to 3rd parties or affiliates, and we strive to make sure that your identity and privacy is kept completely intact from step one to the end of the process. All of our information on you is accessible by request, as per federal law. If you have any request for your information, please let us know and we will provide it to you in a timely and reasonable manner.