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            Placing an order on you automatically consent to comply with the following:

1. Usage of our products: On we never allow or encourage the presentation of the paper written as the personal property of the Customer. Works produced by are meant for research and for study and not for any other reason that is not included in the mentioned above.

2. Information relating to contacts: On we insist that it is the sole duty or task of the Customer to provide accurate and consistent information as shall be needed for the writer to finish the assignment required. The Company shall not be liable to anyone in case there are undelivered details or delivered late, especially when the mistake is made by the Customer who sent his or her instructions later than was expected of him.

3. The cancelling of an order If it happens that a Customer does cancel an order after the submission, the amount of refund to be released depends solely on the amount of work the writer had or had not done. Company is responsible for deciding whether this fact will have an impact or effect on any other orders from this Customer.

4. The materials used for resources- On we always use the resource material that is the most relevant and the most appropriate at any given time so as to guarantee the quality of our work. We also make use of the study materials given by the Customer. The Customer is required to provide additional materials if they are needed for his assignment. The writer is also able to find the materials himself if they are accessible on-line, if not, the Company could buy them. In this case additional payment might be needed.

5. Instructions from the Customer-The Customer has a crucial duty of providing all the necessary information for successful completion of the order and failure to do that will not be placed on the table of the Company as something that ticks or doesn’t tick, if you follow the drift of it all. Free revision requests are granted if the order was not completed satisfactorily, but the instructions are the same as given initially.

6. Plagiarism instances - will be happy to deal with any plagiarism query on the Customer’s request if it was confirmed that there was a problem and the scan as done by proved beyond a doubt that there were a number of several instances or cases of plagiarism in the text.

7. Electronic or Technical cases - As a Company will not be held liable if a Customer fails to deliver his work on time owing to his internet or electronic problems.


Once you get to harmonize with all the details in our Terms of Use you then will be kindly asked by our Company to proceed with the payment in the amount indicated in your order form.


 It is vital to understand that you have the right to cancel an order as a Customer at any point crucially before a writer has started working on it. Cancelling it after the writer has been assigned violates the Agreement of the user. In such case the Company reserves the sole right to reject or accept it.


 As a Company, guarantees that all our writers are held responsible to meet the set timelines within which they are meant to work under and submit it. Having said that it is of paramount necessity to take note that the Company will not be in charge in case the Customer fails to respond in any of the following cases:

Verifying Billing data and information-It is the sole duty of the Customer to provide the correct information about his billing and then go ahead and confirm it by email at once so as to confirm adherence with the policy against fraud that we embrace keenly as a Company.

Email communication-It is the duty of the Customer to as often as possible check their mail accounts for communication from the writers or from our technical Support Team. The cases mentioned above are not counted as a basis for refund request.

Phone contact - The Customer is also mandated to give an active phone number in case urgent communication is needed from either writer or Support Team.

Editing of instructions – The company will not be liable if the Customer changes the initially given instructions.

Providing instructions clearly and well-specifying sources -While placing an original order that is to be dealt by the writers it is essential to give both concise instructions that leave no room for ambiguity in any way, and the sources that must be cited.

Correct Academic Level - It is the duty of the Customer to specify his/her academic level. In case the Customer makes a mistake, he or she ought to contact the Support Team. It is vital to note that in case of the academic level changing additional charges might be implemented.

Payment period-It is a duty of the Customer to make the payment on time because failure to do that will mean that the writers cannot start working on the order.

 The team that provides support on is always available for consultations at any time of day or night and it is the duty of the Customer to reach them in case any issue occurs.


 As a Customer you shall be expected to abide by all the relevant laws of your state, country or region insofar as they relate to issues that deal with academic writing and whatever else pertains to that. Anybody involved in a crime of that kind will be treated as any other criminal in that part of the world. As a Company that values the privacy of its Customers we only get to use cookies on your permission. At the same time we do reserve the sole right to make any information available for our Customers, though of course they can unsubscribe from the same at their behest.