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The main target that we do bear or rather have in mind is that each and every one of our Customers will be fully contented with whatever writing service that they do get from us.

It is a thing that does make us very proud to be involved in the case of giving utter satisfaction to our side of the bargain, and as a consequence we do offer Revision Policy in case it comes to that. Once in a while there shall be a need that the Customer requires some revision to deal with what is a discontentment on the part of the work he or she has received that is not up to par with the requirements. The Revision Policy does highlight the following things:

1. The instructions that you give for revision purposes ought not to deviate from the instructions originally given. A good deal of an illustration is when a Customer requests for revision but he or she has added a reference that wasn’t originally there in the previous set of instructions. When such a thing happens the Customer needs to be ready to part with some additional costs for that revision. It is vital for you as the Customer to contact our Customer technical Support Team so as to talk about the revision costs and all that. Each scenario is always different in its own right and no two instances are ever the same when it comes to analyzing what works for what and what does not work for the other. As a result of that each case is looked at in an independent manner.

2. On the other hand if the instructions contained in the request for revision that you have made are similar to the original instructions as given to the writer the revision will take place without any request of additional charges on your end.

3. The revision request that shall be accepted by us is the one that is given within the first 7 days upon receipt of the completed order. Any request that is made after the first 7 days will attract an additional charge before it can be effected. It is prudent to reiterate the need to contact our Customer Support to discuss about the revision charges and costs that will be required.

4. It is accurately in perfect order for a Customer to make a request of a separate-even specific writer-to deal with the revision of the work. This arises when the previous writer did not do a quality job as was expected of him.

5. If you read this kind of information, that means that you are completely in agreement in a legal sense to the Terms of Use that have been set and laid in the main assembly. At this point in time we feel it is paramount to reiterate that the satisfaction that we get is on making our Customers as comfortable as they can possibly be with our services. Whenever you come back owing to the quality service you received the first time we really feel glad and appreciated. In this Company we pride and gladden ourselves in making our lifestyles better than that which is done in lives past, and to construct peoples’ future with the quality of our services. It is an objective that is heavily steeped in the culture of our being and we choose to always follow it through. There are times when that will not be guaranteed as we wish, but you can be sure that that will be something that is clearly beyond our controls. We always strive to ensure it doesn’t come to that at any time of our dealing with you. Moreover we also expect that you shall read and comply with the terms of service enlisted below before you buy our product.

This Company shall be obliged to offer grant your request for a revision if it is in line with the following conditions:

  • The instructions so given by the Customer for revision do not contradict with the original requirements as set out in the initial order sent by the Customer. The request will be duly rejected if it is proven or ascertained by the Quality Assurance Department that the instructions are different.
  • The instructions or rather requests for revision are handled by the department that deals with technical Customer Support, which means that they can be contacted through mail, phone or Live Chat. It is crucial to take note though that the revision requests can only be accepted if they are presented in a written format in all cases. This simply means that after contacting the Customer Support Team using any of the above-mentioned methods all the instructions need to be sent in writing before they can be dealt with in a formal sense.
  • If the Customer is still dissatisfied with the revisions so far done to the paper he or she can still send a further revision request to the Company but after contacting the Customer Support Team so as to be told whether he qualifies for a free revision of his job schedule and expectations.

Cases Where the Revisions Shall Be Paid By the Customer Solely:

  2. The Customer sent different instructions from the ones that were originally sent when the order was being approach dealt with for the very first time by the writer. What this simply suggests is that the Customer in question will have to hand over payment to the writer for the extra work and effort put into making the work a better place than it originally was before.
  3. In the case that the instructions as initially and originally given need to be altered by virtue of new information trickling in from the professor or whoever was going to assess the final order that is received, downloaded and submitted by the Customer in question. In such a probable case in point it is very vital to note that this ought to be done after contacting the Customer support. The extra pages that are added are the ones that will provoke the additional charges, accordingly.
  4. In the case that the Customer placed or added extra, unnecessary information in the list of instructions that was initially sent to the writer, and if the rectification didn’t come within two hours of the completion of the payment procedure, then there will be a need of an additional charge on the part of the Customer. This is because he shall be held accountable on that mistake as the Company shall not be held accountable for anything and to anyone in that respect of the word.
  5. In the scenario that a Customer requests for an additional material then the Customer needs to pay for it so lest he or she be charged separately as having the extra materials. As a matter of fact the writer can’t be allowed to use or buy the extra material before consulting the parent Company first and foremost for the permission to be granted.
  6. In the event that a writer or the Company attempted unsuccessfully to reach the Customer through email or was called on phone and was unreachable, and as a result of that the writer went out of his way to seek for additional information from elsewhere to do the job as required then the Customer shall be expected to fully pay for that without failure for those additional efforts made by the writer.

Of course we do give many revision grants as a Customer may require them, as long as the above instructions are adhered to.

In case the revision requests do not meet the laid out procedures above, or there are additional pages and/or requirements above what was originally present in the originally stated, the Customer ought to prepare a new order enlisting whatever instructions that are needed.

The new order that is prepared by the Customer can only happen if:

  • An additional number of pages is needed
  • The time for the revision time has been exceeded
  • There is an additional charge required for the added pages

There are deadlines that are needed if the paper has been accepted and after a while one wants it to have revisions done on it:

  1. within the first 7 days after the approval of the work
  2. within the first 14 days for papers that are longer than 20 pages

If these deadlines have expired then all the submitted papers by the Company shall be considered to have been approved. As is always the case any revision request must go through the technical Customer Support Team. After the deadlines set above one isn’t expected to ask for any kind of free revisions, but rather one shall be expected to make a new order for his work. Anything apart from that will not be accepted as an order for a request that ought to be done.

This Revision Policy is meant to protect both the Company and the in order to prevent any future kind of distrust.